What options do you have to save for retirement at an older age?

In the video we go over a scenario in which a person of 55 years of age has not saved up enough to live comfortably through their retirement.

We talk with Dirk Cotton from the retirement cafe on what options do you have in order to meet your financial goals.

Should you invest in the stock market?
Should you get a reverse mortgage?

We also discuss easy steps you can take today that will help increase your monthly revenue and allow you to put more money towards your retirement savings.


Dirk Cotton is a retired executive of a Fortune 500 technology company. Since retiring in 2005, he has researched and published papers on retirement finance, spoken at retirement industry conferences and events, and regularly posted on retirement finance issues at his blog, The Retirement Cafe. He is currently a Thought Leader at APViewpoint, Advisor Perspectives’ online community of investment advisors and financial planners.



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