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If you are interested in purchasing an online business, speak to Flippa today. Click HERE is an online marketplace where you can buy online businesses that are already generating traffic and income. For most Boomers, Senior, or retired individuals looking to obtain additional income, this may be a good fit. will provide you with all the relevant data you need to get started and they work with different budgets.

Thinking of owning a Franchise?

If you are interested in owning a franchise, speak to Franet today. Click HERE

At FranNet, they partner with aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals interested in taking advantage of a franchise opportunity and becoming business owners. Together, they will determine your ideal franchise business opportunity, effectively matching you and your business needs with the right franchise for sale. Their locally based franchising consultants are experienced entrepreneurs and authoritative experts of their respective markets. Through their free consulting services, our consultants will provide the valuable research and guidance necessary to feel truly confident in your decision to buy an existing franchise opportunity.

Want to make money in real estate? Learn how & where to invest in cash flow property. Join the CA’s #1 real estate investment club free.

If you are interested in owning and generating income from rental properties. Click HERE

Have you ever wanted to know how much money you could possibly make from owning one or several rental properties? In this video, we talk with Kathy Fettke, owner of Real Wealth Network. Kathy has been featured on Fox News, CNN, & CNBC. In this video we explore the do’s & don’ts of owning and making from a rental property.

Purchase an online business that is already generating income

If you are interested in owning a website that is already generating review. Click HERE

Most of us know that you can buy a brick & mortar business, but Baby Boomers may not be aware of the resources available when buying an online business. In this interview, we talk with Empire Flippers about how Baby Boomers can purchase an online business that is already making money.

Buy a business that is stable, you can only find these business if you  know where to look

Speak with Ace Chapman about buying or selling a business. Click HERE

50% of new business fail in their first year! Why not take advantage of a business owner that already has a proven formula for success. Buy a business that already makes money!

In this interview we talk with Ace Chapman, he has a proven track record of success in buying and selling businesses that already have a profit. He can help you connect with business owners that are silently selling their business and can even partner with you on larger deals.

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