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Boomer Income Ideas has interviewed many guests showcasing many unique business opportunities for Boomers & Seniors. Many times Boomers find themselves in need to better plan for their retirement, or how to reallocated current assets and turn them into income generating opportunities.

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Contact Us today and we can connect you with the consultant or business that best fits your needs.

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This Government Program Is Under Attack

Notes Section The ability to take out a Reverse Mortage Line of Credit is under attack. This is something that is not being advertised and if you do not act now, it could be gone forever. Find out how to take advantage of this valuable program scheduling a call with...

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Buying an online business

Notes Section Most of us know that you can buy a brick & mortar business, but Baby Boomers may not be aware of the resources available when buying an online business. In this interview, we talk with Empire Flippers about how Baby Boomers can purchase an online...

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As I mentioned in a previous blog, today’s restrictions placed on the HECM reverse mortgage by HUD has eliminated a large number of potential borrowers from qualifying for enough proceeds to make reverse mortgage a viable option. Reductions in the initial loan amount...

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Let’s look at the meaning of the word “mortgage.” The word traces its history to old France. The meaning of “mort” is “dead,” and the meaning of “gage” is “pledge.” So, mortgage literally meant dead-pledge. To have a mortgage was to get a loan and promise to pay it...

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Why Donald Trump Does Not Matter

Why Donald Trump Does Not Matter "Why my 4 year degree was a waste of time" When I say that Donald Trump does not matter, I don't mean that he is the main problem, but that our problems go beyond him. I am speaking specifically about the fact that our jobs are...

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