Frequently Asked Questions

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We are a resource center that is designed to help displaced, disenchanted or, simply under- employed workers who are ages 50+ to create a portal into a new and better life in their 3rd chapter. We help to identify the most compatible future occupation, facilitate re-training programs if necessary, provide financing options if needed, and assist in landing that new position or opportunity whether as a W-2 employed or as an Entrepreneur. We provide these services through a collection of trusted partners that we’ve vetted and selected because they are the best at what they do./span>

We are a referral portal and using our site to investigate any of the many opportunities is completely free.  In some cases our program partners may provide a fee based service (such as the Career Concierge Service supported by ETS) and in other cases the service is completely free to the user (such as exploring Job Listings with  All of our revenue comes from our partners and we never charge our visitors for anything.

The 1st step is to fill out our “request for evaluation” form.  Once we receive your request, one of our team members will schedule a personal phone call with you to begin a process of discovery.  This conversational format will help determine what path to follow and that will give us direction into what program partner we would refer you to.

We’ve been very careful and very selective in choosing program partners with strong track records of proven performance, quality referrals attesting to success claims and Steller reputations.  We can choose to work with anyone so why wouldn’t we always choose to work with the best?

Nothing!  If you have the time and patience to do the research, analysis, and plan execution yourself you can certainly develop your own team of resources.  On the other hand if you’re age 50+ now, we believe you probably want to get on to your new career as soon as possible.  That’s where we shine!