Why Donald Trump Does Not Matter

Why Donald Trump Does Not Matter

“Why my 4 year degree was a waste of time”

When I say that Donald Trump does not matter, I don’t mean that he is the main problem, but that our problems go beyond him. I am speaking specifically about the fact that our jobs are disappearing in the United States and the claim that these jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants.

The picture to my right shows an immigrant crossing over our border, but this is not the type of people that are taking our jobs. Our job is being taken by over by automated systems and computers.

Before I go into more detail about this subject, I would like to first give you a quick history lesson. Back in the 1940’s the government heavily invested in the first computer designed by the University of Pennsylvania called the ENIAC. The ENIAC was invested in because humans calculating weapon trajectories was taking too long and they needed something that could do this much quicker. The ENIAC was completed after the war, however, if it had been completed on time, this would have been the first time that over 10,000 jobs would have been displaced by a computer, something that we are all too familiar with today.

So what is the main problem? Essentially, the problem is with our education system. Around the time of the Industrial Revolution there was a great need to fill vacant positions to meet the demand needed for businesses to keep pace with the consumer demands for their products and services. So an education system was put in place which is still used today.

In the chart above you can see a visual representation of the education system that was put in place in the late 1800’s. 75% of the needs was for basic skilled workers. Employees that new basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. These employees would take raw data and hand that over to middle management whose main purpose is to compile all that data into a more readable format and then hand that over to top management. Top managent needed this information so that they could make informed decisions on how to run their businesses.

The issue is that as computers became smarter and faster all of this data could be viewed as it was happening, so essentially, there is no need for about half of the lower 75% of the workforce as well as the entire middle management segment. Donald Trump also talks about bringing back factory jobs, and if he does, this is what it will look like below!

So what’s my point?

In order to success in this new world, employees must focus on specialized skills that are resistant to jobs that can be done by computers or shipped overseas.


So what I would like is to hear stories from boomers & seniors who have adapted to this changing environment and have succeeded by doing so. These stories can be featured in our monthly inspiration segments. Please CLICK HERE and tell us your story!


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