AARP Life Re imagined – How to make changes transitions as a Baby Boomer

For many Boomers & Seniors life transitions are just a fact of life. Also, with life expediencies increasing, Boomers & Seniors are now working and contributing much longer than ever before.

Many Baby Boomers are not prepared for the new challenges of a fast-paced work environment. In this video, we showcase some great resources available to Baby Boomers looking to make personal or professional transitions in their lives.

When you should not take out a reverse mortgage

In the last two segments, we have discussed reasons why Boomers & Seniors would consider taking out income from their retirement early, and if this was a good idea.

We have also brought attention to alternatives to taking an money from your retirement fund early, such as taking out a Reverse Mortgage on your home.

In this video we highlight a clear example of when you should not take out a reverse mortgage. We use data provided by the consumer finance protection bureau to show you a clear example when you should not take out a reverse mortgage.

Salem Article

Link to CFPB Report:

The truth about becoming self employed!

In this video we wanted to showcase an amazing article written by Leah Hynes title “6 Life Lessons From an Exhausted Entrepreneur”. In this article she showcases the truth of what it is like to start a business. Boomer income ideas has interviewed many franchise owners, online business owners, and consultants, and they all confirm what Leah states in this article. To read the article, please visit

To view Leah’s website directly, please visit

What options do you have to save for retirement at an older age?

In the video we go over a scenario in which a person of 55 years of age has not saved up enough to live comfortably through their retirement.

We talk with Dirk Cotton from the retirement cafe on what options do you have in order to meet your financial goals.

Should you invest in the stock market?
Should you get a reverse mortgage?

We also discuss easy steps you can take today that will help increase your monthly revenue and allow you to put more money towards your retirement savings.


Dirk Cotton is a retired executive of a Fortune 500 technology company. Since retiring in 2005, he has researched and published papers on retirement finance, spoken at retirement industry conferences and events, and regularly posted on retirement finance issues at his blog, The Retirement Cafe. He is currently a Thought Leader at APViewpoint, Advisor Perspectives’ online community of investment advisors and financial planners.



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Why Own A Fitness Center

So why own a fitness center?

Baby Boomers are going to be here for a while and many of them are still very active. The fitness industry is a stable industry so there is less risk when you look at owning a fitness center vs any other business opportunity or franchise.

Anytime Fitness Centers are

Low costs.

High potential.

Anytime Fitness is recognized as a top-ranked, low cost franchise across all industries.


Starting a caring transition franchise

Starting a caring transition franchise

Success with a Caring Transition Franchise

Starting a caring transition franchise

The world’s elderly population is growing, and people are living longer lives than ever before. At the same time, many seniors see their children and grandchildren consumed by busy schedules, long commutes, and their own day-to-day stresses. All these things mean that more and more, people need help with major lifestyle changes. That’s where Caring Transitions comes in.

Starting a caring transition franchise

Caring Transitions is a low-cost, home-based franchise that allows you to help older adults and their families with major transitions. Rather than concentrate on one service, we focus on the full needs of our clients in this time of transition. By meeting all of their needs we exceed their expectations while maximizing revenue for our franchisees.

Starting a caring transition franchise

Caring Transitions is the only national organization providing a comprehensive total solution for our clients:

  • Senior moving & transition services
  • Downsizing
  • Clean-out services
  • Household liquidations
  • Estate sale management

In addition to building your business, you’ll end each day with the knowledge that your efforts changed someone’s life for the better.

Starting a caring transition franchise

Caring Transitions isn’t a new company and we’re not cashing in on any short-term trends or fads. The way we live has changed, and senior assistance is something people will continue to need for decades to come.

Starting a caring transition franchise

Why A Caring Transition Franchise

Starting a caring transition franchise

It’s not enough to have a solid business model and strong market demand for your services. Those things are essential, but without a strong support team and proven systems, building your business is an uphill battle.

Caring Transitions has more than 20 years of franchising experience, and we put that experience to work to help our franchisees succeed.

Starting a caring transition franchise

Each of our franchisees will benefit from the following:

  1. Financing options available to get you started
  2. Large, exclusive and protected territories
  3. A well-regarded brand consistently earning top honors in franchise satisfaction
  4. A variety of online and offline marketing materials personalized for your local needs
  5. Lead referral systems to ensure you reach new customers

Additionally, our world-class, comprehensive franchisee training program includes:

  • Jumpstart 1 information to understand the business
  • Jumpstart 2 with proprietary information to prepare for on-site training
  • On-site training with the home office team
  • Field training with an existing franchisee

Our goal is to train you for a business that will last for years and years, and our existing franchisees are proof that the system works.

Starting a caring transition franchise