No Need To Demolish Your Tile, Just Re-style it!

Last week we interviewed Tom Lindberg, CEO of Sir Grout Franchise LLC. At Boomer Income Ideas, we try to interview guests that can offer our audience some new and fresh ideas for generating income. Let’s face it though, many of us are not in our 30’s anymore, and we might not have the same energy that we used to. The idea of going out, knocking on doors, cold calling, attempting to generate your own appointments, and then trying to close those deals on your own, may not sound as appealing as it once did. So this is why we were excited to get to know more about the unique aspects that Sir Grout can offer to make the process of running a successful, and, more importantly, a profitable business, an enjoyable experience.

In this article we want to highlight two of the unique aspects of Sir Grout, but we are going to be focusing primarily on one.

Our Honorable Mention

Sir Grout has built into their franchise model, a call center that can help schedule appointments for you! They have dedicated a lot of time & effort to ensure that new customer calls are answered as quickly as possible. This greatly reduces the need of having to go out and generate your own leads.

So leads and appointments are great, but what will help you close the deal? What will help separate you from other potential bidders, and make the selling process much easier?

This is where their Thin Tile product line comes in.

What is Thin Tile?

Thin Tile is a high quality, kiln fired porcelain that has been very popular in Europe for its durability and modern design. Compressed at thousands of pounds per square inch, this super thin porcelain tile is extremely durable, and can be applied quickly over preexisting tile! Installed with a patented, waterproof and mold-proof barrier between the new and old tile,

Thin Tile provides a seamless redesign to your current home appearance, allowing you to modernize without paying the price of a bathroom remodel or dealing with the nasty consequences of demolition and reconstruction.

Standard tile is anywhere from 3/8″ to 1/2″ – that’s very thick! Thin tile’s superior quality and



Imagine telling your potential customer, “there is no need to demolish your bathroom”,  “this will cut your costs in half”! Sir Grout mentions in their video that their close percentage is 50%, and if you pair that with their call center, there is no reason that you will not be successful should you choose to own & operate a Sir Grout franchise.



Visit for more information and if you would like to view our interview Click Here.

Travel and make money doing it

Travel and make money doing it

Many Boomers & Seniors can become bored after retirement. You have this moment where you stop and realize that playing golf everyday, or, staying home and relaxing is starting to actually stress you out! We want to feel useful again, contribute to society, and feel like we have done something meaningful in our day. I have stated this multiple times in and I truly do believe that retirement is not the end, but merely another chapter, the third chapter of our lives.

This is why I was truly impressed when I came across Cruise Planners.

Start A Travel Agency Franchise After Retirement

It is rare to have a franchise that can be purchased for under $10,000 and at the same time, be #1 in their industry. They provide you with all the tools you need to get started. They also understand that those looking start a travel agency franchise after retirement want something easy. There is no office and you can work from anywhere! Imagine being on a soft sandy beach and all you have to do is open a laptop or tablet and your making money!

Here are some of the amazing perks if you are looking to start a travel agency franchise after retirement

Travel Agent Perks

  • Discounted travel agent rates
  • Cruise Planners hosted familiarization trips, where you get to experience the travel product
  • Seminars at Sea
  • Reduced hotel rates
  • Booking bonuses
  • Conventions
  • Annual top producers’ trip


Cruise Planners is one of the best travel franchise opportunities with a proven sales system that’s been successful for more than 20 years. Here are some of the many reasons to start a travel agency franchise after retirement:

  • Ranked #1 travel franchise for 13 consecutive years by Entrepreneur magazine
  • #1 in category for 5 consecutive years by Franchise Business Review
    Based on a franchise satisfaction survey of our franchise owners
  • 30 years of industry growth. Economic downfalls do not affect the travel industry.
  • American Express Travel affiliation lends instant credibility, reputation, and increased amenities for your clients
  • Managerial and travel industry experience with 80+ home office team members dedicated to your success
  • Power in numbers with more than 1,000 franchisees nationwide
  • Established purchasing power — you get better pricing, more negotiated vendor programs to choose from, and more “clout” with cruise lines, tour companies, hotels, and all-inclusive resorts
  • Training and on-going support you can’t get as an independent travel agent
  • Ability to sell all types of travel-so much more than just cruises
  • Personal travel benefits and perks for you


Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Tube Channel

Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Tube Channel

As a Boomer or Senior, you may be thinking, How can I make money just from posting videos on YouTube? Well, this is actually much easier than you think. Here are the Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Tube Channel.


The Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Tube Channel: Way Number 1

  • Turn on Youtube Monetization: The first and easiest way to make money is simply to turn on monetization. YouTube makes money through paid video ads that they serve to the videos that have a significant amount of views. YouTube will take a percentage of the amount spent on the AD and the rest goes to you, it is that simple.

To get started simply go to:


The Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Tube Channel: Way Number 2

  • Affiliate Linking: The biggest example of Affiliate Linking is through Amazon. Let us say that you review a product, or even just mention it in your video. You can include a link to that product in the notes section of your video, and if the viewer buys that product, you get a commission. There is no limit to the amount of affiliate links you can put, so go nuts.

To get started on affiliate linking go to


The Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Tube Channel: Way Number 3

  • Sponsorships: Try to keep your video channel as focused as possible so that you can build a targeted audience. Now all you have to do is reach out to companies that cater, to that audience, and they may pay you to review certain products or services. If your channel gets big enough.


The Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Tube Channel: Way Number 4

  • Sell Your Own Stuff: Once you have a decent sized audience, you can use that to sell your own products or services. Create a course, or sell a virtual pamphlet, or even sell AD Space on your own videos. You control what you sell, since you own it.


The Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Tube Channel: Way Number 5

  • Cross Marketing: Use the audience that you have built to promote another business or even another channel that is similar to yours.


Utilize each of these methods so that you are bringing in money from all 5 different methods. Remember, you have to great content before you can build or monetize your YouTube channel. So focus on that first and then the sky is the limit.

Here are the Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Tube Channel


The Most Popular Online Business Models You Can Utilize Today

The Most Popular Online Business Models You Can Utilize Today

(The Most Popular Online Business Models You Can Utilize Today article provided by

For the last several months, we have been covering the several different business models that exist right now and have been proven to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for many entrepreneurs who are firmly in the thick of the digital gold rush.

The 11 Business Models of the Online Gold Rush

The Most Popular Online Business Models You Can Utilize Today


Adsense is probably the simplest business model that exists online right now. Basically, you create a content site and drive traffic (typically organic search engine traffic, but there are those who have successfully ran paid traffic) to the site. The traffic clicks on the Adsense ads and Google cuts you a check for the ad exposure.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is among the oldest online affiliate program in existence. It is also one of the most trusted online brands around, which means it can convert highly. People will often create portfolios of these styled sites, usually where they are reviewing various products. Similar to Adsense, this is a very easy place for a newbie to start out, and an expert can make it into quite a lucrative endeavor.

Affiliate Marketing

Similar to the Amazon affiliate business model, you simply sign up to sell different products, and build sites around those products or services. Almost every product or service you can imagine under the sun has an affiliate program somewhere. There are entire businesses that have cropped up around helping other businesses create affiliate offers and attracting affiliates to those offers – called Affiliate Networks. There are even businesses that have cropped up that organize all the different Affiliate Networks in an easy to find place, such as OfferVault.


Dropshipping is a good place for people just starting out to experiment with the ecommerce business model. Instead of spending large upfront costs on a product, and storing that product, you instead create an entire sales funnel that the actual factory ships direct to the buyer. The margins are thinner than traditional ecommerce, but it is a great place for someone just starting out, or those who have become marketing experts, to grow significant businesses.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is closer to an ecommerce store, but it is completely hosted on Your store is actually an Amazon listing, and with that comes all the benefits that the online behemoth has to offer: built in traffic, Amazon affiliates that could end up promoting your products on their niche sites, and even Amazon promoting your products for free if they are proven to convert. This can be a lucrative business to be in, and those who are in it for the long haul will often build a brand around their products, so they can eventually leverage multichannel selling with their own ecommerce store.


Ecommerce is like having a digital retail store. You buy a product, find a place to store and fulfill orders for that product, and promote the store through a plethora of internet marketing strategies. Many people use paid traffic that they send to their store as the #1 way to get buyers and test new items. Ecommerce works well with dropshipping too, since dropshipping will allow a store owner to test out new kinds of products without an upfront cost. The products that convert best could then be sourced, so that all the products on the store are eventually branded specifically to that online business. I recently wrote a case study on an ecommerce store we sold on the Shopify platform for over $80,000 that you can read here.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS products are exploding right now, which makes sense, as they can be quite lucrative. Since almost every SaaS product has a rebilling feature, each customer can have a significant lifetime value that allows these companies to lose money on the initial acquisition of a customer, but still make a profit down the road due to that customer’s continuous usage of the software. SaaS products are allowing small businesses more than ever to have high level infrastructure without the high level IT costs that would be associated with them building their own software. SaaS products are everywhere, from accounting and sales CRMs to even writing solutions for fiction authors.


Most people that are just starting out in online business were probably a customer a time or two for someone selling an ebook or video course about making money online. This market exists in many more niches than just the make money online space. People selling training, dating advice, fitness consultation, or even products about how you can appear taller are all part of this space. The great thing about infoproducts is that all the work for the most part is front loaded — once the product is created and converting, you can scale it to the moon. It costs nothing extra to sell 1,000 units instead of 1 unit, outside of the obvious marketing costs, making this business incredibly lucrative in the hands of the right person.


Apps are a big business. At the time of this writing, Pokémon GO has become such a huge phenomenon that there are more active users playing Pokémon GO than there are on Twitter. That is some crazy numbers, and shows that apps can still be huge money makers, despite increased competition. The biggest thing with apps is making the app as addictive as possible, so people keep using it once they have downloaded it, rather than being pushed to some folder the mobile phone users never open again. For someone who loves to learn about user engagement, combining that skill set with useful and entertaining apps can mean big business. The Most Popular Online Business Models You Can Utilize Today

Productized Services

Productized services are a relatively new kid on the block for proven online business models, and they have been a godsend for many a freelancer turned full-fledged entrepreneur. It is a way to take what normally would be a one-to-one client service, such as web design and SEO, and packaging them into a more packaged service. Because of this, it can limit one of the biggest frustrations that freelancers know as a “scope creep”. Where one job slowly grows into a monstrous job that begins to eat into the freelancer’s profits. Instead, people buy packages and are sometimes upsold on more customized solutions that are still “productized”. It is an exciting opportunity, and businesses like WPCurve and Design Pickle have shown that it can work wonders, even despite early-doubters (who are now huge fans of the model).

Lead Gen

Lead Gen is an amazing opportunity right now for both local markets, and on the (inter)national stage. These kinds of opportunities could consist of affiliate programs where you are sending leads to offers such as college or higher level education, or it could be on a per client basis like the local plumber who is willing to pay $20-30 bucks per a qualified lead. The nice thing about lead gen over a one-on-one client agency model is that you are usually not exclusive and you can use a full range of internet marketing strategies to generate those leads versus having to wait for approval from a client before moving forward with one.

The Most Popular Online Business Models You Can Utilize Today: What Model is Right For You?

Each of these business models can give you an opportunity to have a six-figure online career, or even seven-figures.

While some cater better to people just starting out learning about digital businesses for the first time, all of them can be scaled to incredibly lucrative businesses as you gain more and more skill.

The best advice myself or anyone can give you is to simply go out there, get your jersey dirty, play the game, and experiment. You might get roughed up a little in the start, but those lessons will help you immensely and get you moving in the right direction.

If you click on those links above, at the end of each article I talk about what kind of personality does best in those businesses. Read through them and decide what you like the most and what you really want from your online business, whether it is to be a captain of industry and a magnate thought leader or if you want to be someone hanging out on the beaches of the world while your sites work for you in the background.

The Most Popular Online Business Models You Can Utilize Today

The online business world has something to offer everyone.

Obviously, if you want to expand your portfolio of income streams, check out our marketplace. Or if you want to exit in style with a big payday for your hard work, you can learn about selling your site here.

The Most Popular Online Business Models You Can Utilize Today