Are Financial Pressures Threatening An American Tradition?


I’d like to talk to you frankly about a threat that millions of senior Americans and their families are facing today.

It’s a conundrum that threatens to disrupt our American way of life, and dismantle the customs and traditions that weave together the fabric of an American family.

You see, for millions of families, quality time together centers on Sunday dinners and holiday gatherings at Grandma’s house.

For thousands of seniors, providing their families with a home base for family gatherings being jeopardized by lack of finances. Twenty years of economic turmoil—beginning with two stock market collapses, followed by a great recession, and years of close to zero interest earned on savings accounts—has robbed seniors of the golden years they had planned for.

There is help out there!

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If you are a senior and find yourself struggling to maintain your way of life, I have some good news. You might be living inside the very thing that could help solve your financial issues.

You see, liberating some of the equity in your home and turning it into cash could provide you the ability to maintain a life that you love.

How you can liberate the equity in my home

Sometimes, the government gets it right. Almost 30 years ago a government-insured program was created to help seniors pull out some of the built up equity in their homes through a loan without having to make monthly payments.

The program is called a “Home Equity Conversion Mortgage” (commonly referred to as a “reverse mortgage”).  Ever since its inception, millions of seniors have used the FHA guaranteed reverse mortgage to maintain their standard of living. If you’re able to qualify for a reverse mortgage then it should be your first option.

But what if a Reverse Mortgage won’t work for you?

If you applied for a reverse mortgage and didn’t qualify, chances are you were given the recommendation that you should sell the house and move. I saw this happen over and over during my time in the reverse mortgage industry. Then one day I thought, Why should seniors have to move out of their homes? If the only option available is to sell the house, then why not sell it to an investor and simply rent it back from the investor?

Why not continue to live in the home you love, rather than renting a house?

Sure, the title will no longer in your name but it will still be your home. And isn’t the main goal to remain in your home by any means possible?

With that idea in mind, I started to put together the basis for a plan I call “It’s Still Your Home.”

How “It’s Still Your Home” works:

It’s actually pretty simple. I buy your house for an agreed upon price and then rent it back to you for as long as you’d like to remain in the home. That’s it, no hidden agenda, no empty promises, and no scams.

My company has an entire program in place to help seniors like you who want to stay in the homes they love, the home they built their lives in; the home they raised their children in; the home where the family gathers for Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house.

I’d like to tell you more about how It’s Still Your Home works. I invite you to schedule a time to talk with me at your convenience so you can learn more. We’ll have a 10-minute conversation, and I can tell you right then if the program will work for you.

If you are an ideal candidate for the program, I’ll do everything in my power to help you maintain your American life style by keeping you in your home.

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