What We Do and Why

It's been said that "change only happens when it's too painful not to!" For many Gen'Xers and Baby Boomers, the need to change their career path was thrust on them by circumstances beyond their control. Mammoth changes in Social - Economic environments facilitated by rapidly advancing technology has disrupted and displaced many of us. If you're one of these casualties - or potential casualties - you are probably asking yourself - NOW WHAT?

It may have been many years since you last needed to look for a new job, find a source of prospective employers, put together a resume, arrange for interviews with those prospective employers, and lastly market yourself as the best candidate to be chosen for the job.

Or at this point in your life you might think, "if ever there was a time to finally explore a completely different career path, one that would be more fulfilling, or one that would capture my attention, and more importantly, one that I've always dreamed of doing this is the time!"

Regardless of which of the two paths might best describe your attitude one thing is for sure, the prospect of starting either of these journey's alone, without help and without a roadmap of how to reach your desired destination is TERRIFYING!

BoomerIncomeIdeas.com was developed to be your partner in achieving your career and income goals, helping you to live life in your third chapter on your terms, and most importantly, mitigating the fear that is inevitable when you are leaving your comfort zone.

"It takes a Village!" We have assembled a team of the best and brightest Program Facilitators available anywhere. If you chose to stay in the same profession and need help marketing yourself we have you covered, if you want to stay in corporate life but re-train for a new position and then market yourself for job placement we have you covered, if you think that leaving corporate life for a more entrepreneurial career path sounds the right direction we have the experts to guide you along the way, and if you find that it's your time to trade pursuing "monetary satisfaction" for "philanthropic satisfaction" like working with a non-profit we have that covered too!

Our Teams of Program Facilitators have helped thousands of people just like you to find their desired destination, map out the route, assemble the resources needed to make the journey, and arrange for a harmonious reception when they get there. We can do the same for you!